All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) Movie Script


A few more degrees
to the left!
No, no!
Your other left!
That's it!
Keep coming,
keep coming!
You're almost through!
itchy, what is it?
are you ok?
don't stop now.
I'm sorry, boss.
I got dirt
in my nose.
you going to
do it again?
Doh...stand back.
you're a genius!
Thanks, boss.
I'm glad to see you.
Where are you?
Ow! What was that?
Adga--Ooh. It's a pipe.
Here I am, Charlie.
You ok?
Shh! Shh! Shh! I'm ok.
Where are you?
Aah! No!
Put that out.
What, are you
trying to kill me?
I'm so sorry, boss,
but the pipe--
Here, let me try this.
I think that might be
a water main.
No, Charlie.
Water mains are green.
This is red.
You're colour-blind. You've
always been colour-blind.
That's true,
but this is green.
It's red.
Busted water main!
Hit the lights!
Call command central!
Ooh! Look out!
Shine the light
over there!
No, over there!
Aah! Itchy!
Oh, whoa!
Let's get out of here!
Sorry, Charlie.
I think--
Don't think!
From now on, I'll think!
My stuff!
Forget the stuff!
I'll buy you more stuff!
Wait! My drill!
Oh, come on!
Ooh! Itchy.
Not now! Don't--
Don't! Not now!
Uh! Uh!
I can't help it, Charlie.
I itch when I'm nervous!
Well, don't be nervous.
Just scratch this.
It's not worth it
being with you!
Pull this!
Pull this!
Ah, pull this.
Yah! Whoa!
Just a minute!
Are you ok?
Come on!
You're such a grouch!
On your marks...
get set...
and they're off!
It's a spectacular line-Up
With mighty morris
taking an early lead.
Rat o' war is second
by a head,
And secretary rat trails
by a half.
What an amazing race,
ladies and gentlemen!
Out of the turn,
it's mighty morris,
With rat o' war
charging up from behind.
In the second turn,
Mighty morris and rat o' war
fight it out
While squad car
trails the pack.
Now it's rat o' war
by a nose.
Secretary rat is second
by a head,
With mighty morris
back at third--But wait.
Squad car is making his move
in the rear.
He tries to the right.
He tries to the left.
But it's no good, folks.
It's rat-Eat-Rat out there,
And they're just not
gonna let him through.
But what's this? Squad car's
coming through the middle.
Oh! He's caught in a pinch!
Oh, my gosh! But now
he's climbing out,
And he's riding
on top of cheezewhiz!
And into the loop-The-Loop,
it's squad car on cheezewhiz
Bringing up the rear as
they enter the oil slick.
Oh! Oh, my gosh!
Look out!
What's this?
Squad car playing hopscotch
in the back stretch.
Sixth! Fifth! Fourth!
I don't believe it!
Into the obstacle,
squad car takes the lead!
So it's squad car
by a length,
Rat o' war second by a head,
cheezewhiz moving into third.
But wait a minute!
he's stuck! Squad car is stuck.
What a nightmare!
It's squad car by a tail.
Oh, my gosh!
Look out!
What's this?
It's squad car
springing to the finish!
What an incredible race!
Squad car, rat race's
shortest long shot,
Takes the roses
in the upset of the week.
Who would have guessed?
But don't go away,
We've got
more action coming up.
If you ask me,
I think the house
is rigged.
That does it for me.
I'm busted.
This will be one
To tell
your grand puppies about.
Hee hee! I win!
Here you go.
Ooh! Bad meat!
What's the odds
on terrible tom?
Well, then, give me
large mike to win.
Large mike to win!
No markers,
Come back when
you got some food.
And they're off!
It's a Rat-Eat-Rat world
out there
As large mike
takes the lead--
Hi, guys!
What do you know?
What do you say?
What do you say?
What do you know?
Itchy, do we detect
a look of surprise here?
Maybe we should go out
and come back in again.
Ha ha ha ha!
Ain't you supposed
to be on death row?
No, I ain't supposed to be
on death row.
I got him out.
# Things have changed, Charlie
e, since you've been gone #
# Life hasn't bee
n no piece of cake #
Carface ain't been
treatin' us too good.
# Things are tough,
but we carry on #
# Could you spare
a couple of bones #
# For old times' sake? #
Why settle for bones
When you can have
the whole bake?
you hit the jackpot!
That-A boy, Charlie.
I'm proud of you.
Charlie, tell them!
# Oh, you can't keep
a good dog down #
No, sir!
# No, you can't keep
a good dog down #
# I've seen that's
pain and hurt # right.
# I've
eaten dirt # that's true.
# It's hard to buy #
# But even I've
been jilted by a skirt #
He lies.
# Look how
I'm still around #
Ha ha!
# 'Cause you can't keep
a good dog down #
# You can't keep
a good dog down #
No, you can't.
# You can't keep
a good dog down #
Preach it, brother!
# I've been
bought and sold #
# He's been
warm and cold #
# But 10 to 1,
I'll still be running rackets #
# When I'm old! #
# Not in some cage
in the city pound #
# 'Cause you can't keep
a good dog #
# Can't keep a good #
# I say, you can't keep
a good dog down #
In him's the luck
of the Irish.
The pride
of the Germans.
Even a bit of Siam.
You see the calm
of the English.
The charm
of the Spanish.
# A pedigree certainly
ain't what I am #
# So call me
a mixed-Up pup #
You're a mixed-Up pup!
# But the only way
this pup knows #
# Is up #
Ok, boys, come on.
Help me.
Lift him up.
Up, up, up!
Come on!
# No, you can't keep a good d
og down-Ow-Wow-Wow-Wown #
# You can't keep a good d
og down-Wow-Wow-Wow-Wown #
# He's been fat
and thin #
# I've been out,
been in #
# He tried a life
of virtue #
# But prefer
a life of sin #
# So tonight, man,
we own this town #
# I've known hunger,
I've known thirst #
# Lived the best
and seen the worst #
# But the only way I know
to finish #
# Is to finish first
# So watch out
when you hear this sound #
# 'Cause you can't keep
a good dog #
# No, you can't
keep a good dog #
# Say, you can't keep
a good dog down #
# You can't #
# Keep a good dog #
# Down #
# Down #
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
It's him, boss.
I don't get it.
Mr. Carface, I know
what you're thinking,
But I don't know nothin'
about this.
We set him up for good.
I do not wish
that I should share
50% of the business
with my partner Charlie.
You want
that I should go
Squeeze his head
with the pliers?
Killer, that is no way
to treat an old friend.
Friends must be handled
In a friendly
and businesslike way.
Ha ha ha!
Hey, Carface, you decent?
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Oh, is it
really you?
Is it really me?
Is it really you?
Hey, you've put on
a little weight.
I told you
to stay off sweets.
This place
is looking ok--
A little gauche,
but ok.
You know, partner,
I'm proud of you,
But the customers
ain't laughin'.
Gamblers are never
happy, Charlie.
You know that.
Yeah, but I've been
What this place needs,
besides new curtains,
Is some class,
culture, choreography,
And some influence
of the theater.
Dancing girls.
What do you say?
Charlie, times has changed.
I've changed, you've changed.
What are you
talking about?
I haven't changed.
Charlie, you done time.
That's not good
for business.
What are you saying?
You are a dog
with a record.
I was framed!
I know. You're like
a brother to me.
That's why...why...
why what?
We need to split up
the partnership.
What? Are you
out of your mind?
They'll be looking
for you,
And what's the first place
they're gonna look?
Here. Here!
I don't like it,
But it's
for our own good.
Did it eat yet?
Yeah, it ate,
But how come
i got to feed
little monster?
Huh! Monster!
Come on, dogs,
you've got a job to do.
Carface wants you should
get rid of Charlie.
Oh. Oh! Ooh! Ah!
They're going to
kill you, Charlie!
We'll set you up
Where they don't
know you.
Yeah? Go on.
50% of this
is yours, right?
Charlie, take it.
You want a cut
of the steaks?
And one half
of the mignons.
This is sounding better
all the time.
Then it's a deal?
Put her there.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Boys, listen up!
My former partner
wishes to announce
That he is going
into business for himself.
You heard the boss.
Shut up!
Boys, to the mardi gras!
Uh, Charlie?
Watch those heels, lady.
And I am sure that I speak
For every dog amongst us
In wishing you
the best of luck
In your new venture.
And now, as a token
of our esteem,
We are presenting to you
This lucky gold watch!
Heh heh heh.
Ha ha ha!
Takes a licking
and keeps on ticking.
# No, you can't
keep a good dog... #
Take Charlie out back
for the big surprise.
What surprise, boss?
The big...
Oh, ho ho!
You mean...
that surprise?
you moron.
# Doggy... #
Hee hee hee!
the doggonedest pal
A swell could ever have.
Ha ha.
I love you guys.
You want to sing
with me?
# You can't
keep a good-- #
Do you know this?
# You can't keep
a good dog down #
This is the mark.
Stay here, and don't peek.
# I've been fat and thin
# I've been out,
been in... #
Ha ha ha!
Shut up.
Good-Bye, Charlie.
Heh heh heh!
Boss, can I help you
push the car? Please?
Ha ha ha.
Huh huh!
Killer, shut up!
# Can't keep a good dog #
# Dooooooooown! #
# Dooooooooown! #
# Ahh ahh ahh #
# Ahh ahh ahh #
# Ahh ahh ahh #
# Ahh #
Huh! Where am i?
This is the great hall
of judgment.
Oh, not to worry,
You'll go to heaven.
All dogs go
to heaven
unlike people,
Dogs are naturally good
and loyal and kind.
That's true.
# Welcome to doing
whatever you wish #
This is really a lovely place
you got here.
# Eating whenever
you please #
Follow me...
# to a constant
temperate climate #
# We keep it
73 degrees #
We're still
on Fahrenheit here.
That's fine with me.
# Welcome to
no more rat race #
Oh, boy.
# To order and ca
lm instead #
Ah, great.
# Welcome... #
# To being dead #
You mean I'm--I'm--
Stone cold,
I'm afraid.
I can't believe it!
I've been murdered!
I'm having trouble
Finding any goodness
or loyalty here,
But let me see.
He killed me!
I beg your pardon?
A mistake's
been made here!
# I don't want to die #
# You got
the wrong guy #
# I was double-Crossed
by a dirty rat #
# Actually, this rat
was a dog #
# But his car ran me down
, I just blew out of jail #
# I just got back to town
# Hey, this is hard
to explain #
# May I speak
to your superior? #
# 'Cause I don't
want to die! #
# Welcome to doin
g whatever you wish #
# You've got
the wrong guy #
# Laughing
and singing all day #
My time's not up yet.
Oh, it is. There's
no mistake about that.
We know everything.
Murdered in the prime
of my life!
That Carface,
I'll kill him.
Hey, this must be
the watch department.
You might
call it that.
See, this watch
is your life...
and it's stopped.
Well, can't you just
wind it up or something?
And send you back?
Oh, no, no, no.
No one's ever
allowed to go back.
Put your paw
right here.
What's that for?
For our book
of records.
Everything about you
that was or will be
Is right here.
Oh, isn't that wonderful?
I love it here.
You mean there's
no surprises or anything?
Oh, no, no, no.
We know everything.
That's just lovely.
The clouds, the grass,
the air.
Heaven is
a wonderful place!
No surprises, huh?
would you like to dance?
You mean if I'm waiting for
an inside straight up here,
I'd know in advance
whether I filled it?
We know how
it all turns out.
You must have
studied dancing.
You have natural rhythm,
unusual for a whippet.
Oh, I'm getting dizzy!
is so lovely here--
So planned,
so ordered.
That's what's
driving me crazy.
# I need brazil #
# The throb, the thrill #
# I've never been there #
# But someday I will #
# Adventure and danger #
# Love from a stranger #
# Let me be surprised #
# La da da da da da
bo bo bo #
# Ooh, la la la #
# Today there's sun #
# They said
there'd be snow #
E #
# when all's said and don
# It's fun not to know #
# What keeps my heart humming
# Is guessing what's coming #
# Let me be surprised #
# Oh, oh #
# Oh,
ain't it great #
# Ain't it great #
# When fate
makes you wait? #
# La la la la la la #
# The world
seems mirthless #
# And you
feel worthless #
# And suddenly #
# There's a big b
one on your plate #
# Oh, Charlie,
please remember #
# Down there's
a world of used cars #
# And singles bars #
# Broken dreams #
# And out-Of-Reach
stars #
# But it isn't over #
# Not for this rover
# I don't like
to steal #
# Ah ah ah #
# But I don't buy
this deal #
# La la la #
# In 'bout 3 seconds #
# She'll have realized #
# Ah ah ah ahh #
# And she's
gonna be #
Charlie, what are
you doing?
# Wait till you see #
What's that you have
behind your back?
# She's gonna be
Charlie, don't
wind that watch!
# Surprised! #
You can never come back!
I'm alive.
Charlie, you can
never come back.
You can never come--
Look out!
Charlie! No!
Itchy, it's ok.
It's ok, little buddy.
It's me. Charlie.
Oh, Charlie!
Charlie, it's you!
I saw Carface,
and he was choking me.
He was grabbing
my neck, and--
Oh, hi, Charlie.
You're a ghost!
Get back! Get back!
Don't hurt me.
Here. Take my nine-Piece
ratchet set.
My oil can!
Don't go without my
rolls-Royce hood ornament.
I'm not dead.
Please, I got
a bad back.
Itchy, I'm not a ghost.
I'm not dead.
Now, be quiet.
I'm going to take my hand
away from your mouth,
And you're going to be quiet,
aren't you?
Ha ha!
That's my pal.
Will you shut up?
Itchy, I'm alive!
Do ghosts have fleas?
No. Ghosts
don't have fleas.
Charlie, Charlie,
it's really you.
But I saw the car
and the river...
i know.
And your lifeless body
flying through the air.
Itchy, what can I say?
It wasn't my time.
I'm so happy
to see you, Charlie!
You don't know
how much I missed you!
Shut up!
You want the whole world
to know I'm back?
You thought I was dead.
So will Carface.
He tried to kill me.
I'll make him pay!
We don't want to
do that.
We do. I was
the brains of the outfit.
When I left,
he should have gone under.
That's it, boss.
We'll go under.
Deep, deep under.
I don't want to go under.
The operation grew.
It got bigger.
Now he won't share.
We could share
a nice little place
In the Himalayas.
I hate the Himalayas.
Wait. They got
gambling, races.
Well, they even got
a town called Tibet.
You know, to-Bet.
We could nab llamas,
mountain goats,
Open our own track, boss.
He's got something
up his sleeve.
Yeah, a gun.
When I find out
what it is,
I'm gonna ruin him.
I'm gonna make him
He'll be begging
for mercy.
I'm begging that
we get out of here.
Carface has got thugs,
And they got muscles,
And he's got a monster
in his basement.
Boss, they feed it!
Yeah, monster!
I said monster!
Hmm. Ha ha!
Charlie, I just know
we're both going to die.
Shut up!
Now, let me see here.
Stop it! Stop it!
Will you quit that?
I've had it
with your itching.
Hey, look,
look, look, look!
the monster?
The monster?
Ok. Now
let's go home.
Who knows
what it eats?
Ahh! Yah!
Somebody's got me--
I got you
by the tail!
Why don't you tell somebody
you're going to do that?
It's not worth it
being with you.
Your hands
are cold, too.
There. There.
Now, there
is your monster.
Now, there
is your monster.
Well, I'll be!
Mr. Carface, can i
go outside today?
Sure you can,
little girl,
But first
you talk to the rat.
Well, if you want
my opinion, boss,
I think mighty morris
is going to win the race.
Oh, boss! That cigar!
Hi, Mr. Longtail.
How are you today?
Fine, thank you.
Will you be
in the race tonight?
A sore foot?
You shouldn't run.
And twizzle
has a cold?
She should
drink soup.
Oh, squad car
has the flu.
Hurry it up.
Hurry it up!
I'm sorry.
So who do you
think will win?
Oh, I see.
The spotted gray.
Shift the odds
on the spotted gray
And feed the kid.
Oh, boss,
do I have to?
Oh, boy. Where did you
buy that thing?
But, Mr. Carface, you said
i could go outside today.
A little girl
who talks to animals.
Imagine that.
i think we--
I'll do the thinking.
But, boss!
Poor child.
We'll kidnap her.
Uh, rescue her.
But, boss--
Itchy, button it up.
Uh, little girl!
Excuse me.
We understand you're being
held here against your will.
Let me introduce
myself. Sit.
I am
Charlie b. Barkin,
And this is my associate,
itchiford "itchy" dachshund.
How do you do?
And it strikes me that
this is not the place for you.
Am I right?
Oh, well...
let us take you
away from all this.
Where are your parents?
I'm an orphan.
Ahh! She's an orphan.
She doesn't have any parents.
That settles it.
You're going to
stay with itchy.
What's your name?
No, no, boss.
She can't
stay with me.
This has gone
too far.
I'm gettin'
outta here.
You have no compassion.
Stay with me.
You asked my name.
It's Anne-Marie.
Listen, you'd like living
with me, wouldn't you?
You're going to
love my place--
Canopy bed under the stars,
open hearth,
3 square meals a day,
radio, heater, whitewalls.
I live in a cab.
Low mileage, of course.
Ha ha ha ha!
Hm hm hm!
What do you mean
she is gone?!
Well, you see,
boss, i--
Shut up!
Can't you just--
I'm surrounded
by morons!
But, boss,
it wasn't my fault.
To be perfectly
honest, you see,
Thunder was on duty.
Take it up with him.
Thunder was on duty.
Take it up with him.
I love that girl!
I want her back!
Boss, you see,
the thing of it--
Oh ho! Mm hmm!
robin hood says
to little john,
"This sheriff
is a bimbo.
"Let's knock him off
and take the gold.
"We'll give it to
the poor suckers
Who got took
in the first place."
Where do you
get that stuff?
What kind of hood
gives dough to the poor
Without taking his cut?
I like this story,
Mr. Itchy.
You would.
Shut up!
I'm trying to
get the brat to sleep.
Then what happens?
Well, then, uh...
give me that.
All the poor people
was happy
'Cause they wasn't
poor now.
But this hood guy's
out 50%.
So what?
His doll loved him
all the more.
Was she pretty?
Ha ha!
She was to die for!
But the whole gang
Would maid Marian
marry him?
she did. Ha!
Now go to sleep, huh?
Mr. Itchy and I got to
talk some business.
Boss, let's get something
straight about the kid.
Good night, Mr. Itchy!
Good night, kid!
I don't like this.
We're reading fairy tales
to a little time bomb
Like she was bo peep
We could stash her
at the old church.
Ha ha!
Would you relax?
Carface ain't gonna
look for her here.
He thinks I'm dead,
Now, get some sleep,
Tomorrow we take
this little time bomb
To the horse track,
And we make
ourselves a fortune!
Ha ha ha!
Now look
what you've done!
Ok, boss, 8:00.
I'll be there.
Ok, boss, 8:00.
I'll be there.
Now go to sleep, huh?
Charlie, would you
please tuck me in?
Ha. Yeah.
May I please have
a goodnight kiss?
Yuck! Blech! Yuck!
Thank you
for rescuing me.
Ah. Ha ha. Sure.
It was--
It was nothing, kid.
Hey, squeaker,
knock it off.
I'm sorry.
Charlie, your front seat
hurts me.
Oh, yeah? Ahem.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Thank you, Charlie.
Now, uh,
go to sleep, huh?
Dear god...
oh, no!
Thank you so much
For my new best friend
And thank you for
sending him to rescue me.
Psst! Hey!
God bless Mr. Itchy...
yeah, bless itchy.
And god bless Charlie.
Oh, and please help me
find a mommy and daddy.
Do you think
you could help me
Find a mommy and daddy?
I'll help you find
The lost city
of Atlantis!
Just please, please
go to sleep!
I have to go
to the bathroom.
Ha ha.
Of course.
Anne-Marie, cupcake,
Please, just talk
to the horsie, huh?
Talk to Mr. Horsie.
Boss, maybe she only
talks to rats.
She talked to me,
didn't she?
That makes you a rat!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Maybe horses
is too stupid to talk.
What did she say?
Hey, listen,
try that again, you,
And you are glue!
What did she say?
You sound just
like Mr. Carface.
He's a criminal.
D-D-D-Did he
read you stories?
Did he give you
a comfortable bed?
Did he
kiss you good night?
I rescued you.
Besides, we're giving
the money to the poor.
Sharing it
with the poor.
Like robin hood?
Like the story.
Just like in the story.
And another thing,
if you're serious
About this mommy
and daddy business,
You're going to need
dough of your own,
New dresses, new shoes.
I know these things.
Nobody wants a scrawny
little doll in rags.
Promise you'll help me
find a mommy and daddy?
I promise.
Oh, Charlie!
Good shape
for a little kid.
Isn't that wonderful?
Don't pick me up.
Put me down.
Excuse me.
Could you tell me
which one of you
Is going to win
today's race?
We'll give the money
to the poor
And buy me a new dress
so I can get some parents.
Oh, how nice.
Well, what is it?
It's the grand chawhee's
Chee haw who?
Huh? Cha who?
Chee. Chee haw.
No. Chawhee!
It's his birthday.
Who do you think
is going to win?
He is.
But you mustn't tell.
It's a surprise.
I'll say!
Can we trust
this horse?
Ok, ok!
The grand Chawhee,
choo haw,
Chaw hee hee,
hoo haw by surprise.
Let's go
place the bet.
With what dough,
Let's see here.
All we need
is a couple of bucks.
A couple of bucks,
a couple of bucks.
A couple, a couple--
Mmm! Yeah!
A mom and dad!
Yeah, right.
Sure, kid.
Nope! Too thin!
Too fat.
Hee hee hee!
Oh, look! Charlie!
They're perfect!
You know, kid,
i think you're right.
Wait right here.
Boss, a number 17?
No, no, itchy.
A number 3.
A number 3?
The lame dog?
Ha ha ha!
Oh, boss!
My feet
is killing me!
Oh, Harold!
The poor little thing.
Cute little fella.
What's wrong, boy?
Itchy! Itchy!
Are you ok?
Is this your dog?
Well, kind of.
Itchy, what's the matter?
what do I do?
Ham it up more.
We almost got it.
Let me see your paw.
Oh, he's ok.
Hey, I got it!
Let's go!
Seems to be just fine.
What's your name,
little girl?
Pleased to meet you.
I'm getting
a new dress.
That's nice,
Where are
your parents?
let's go.
But I want to talk--
We'll miss chawhee's
We'll miss chawhee's
Last call for bets.
I want to make a bet.
Grand Chawhee to win.
Pass it on.
Grand Chawhee to win.
Pass it on.
Grand Chawhee to win.
Ooh! Ooh!
Whoa whoa whoa!
Chawhee? You know
something I don't?
It's his birthday!
I mean, it's his birthday.
Thank you.
Are you getting any of that
in your mouth up there?
Ooh! It's ju--
Oh, come on!
Give me a break!
You see anything
up there?
Mostly the back
of the buttons,
But other than that...
come on, Chawhee!
You can do it!
It's your birthday!
I don't care if it's
his bar mitzvah!
That horse
is a glue pot!
Shut up!
Please, Chawhee,
Come on!
Move your legs!
Excuse me.
Ha ha! Splendid!
Hello, Stella!
Jolly good day
for a race, what?
Oh, yes,
but, Reginald, honey,
I do hate to rain
on your parade,
But did you know
It's the grand
chawhee's birthday?
Oh, really?
You don't--
Terribly sorry.
Ha ha ha ha!
He did it!
Whoo hoo hoo!
He did it!
Ha ha! No!
Anne-Marie did.
Ha ha ha!
Happy birthday, Chawhee!
Happy birthday!
I knew you could do it!
Happy birthday!
Ha ha ha ha!
Arr! Yuck!
Go! Go!
Ha ha ha ha!
Hee hee hee!
Smiley, what do you know?
What do you say?
That's using your head.
Ha! Enjoy!
Hey, itch!
The place looks great!
Ha ha ha!
What is this?
What are you doing?
I'm leaving!
You said we would
help the poor,
And we didn't.
You promised to
find me parents.
You didn't even look.
All you do is gamble.
It isn't right!
You know something,
you're right.
What a selfish, callous cad
of a heel I've been,
Blind to the needs of
our society's lonely unloved.
Thank you.
Thank you for helping me
see the light.
Squeaker, we're going to
help the poor.
Oh, Charlie!
Yuck! Blech!
What is it with you
and this kid?
We got a business to run.
We got to keep the
little kid happy, right?
Blech! Blah!
I knew we should have
used the pliers!
Charlie's alive,
And I know
he's got the girl!
this is strike 2.
You're out.
Wait, boss! I get
one more strike!
Lower him!
Nothing personal,
killer. Business.
Umm! Umm!
If you want
something done right,
You got to
do it yourself.
How do I handle
Car didn't work.
Something very special.
Pull me up, please!
I got a gun!
A gun?
What kind of gun?
Boss, you hear me?
I got a gun!
Stop, fishies! Stop!
I don't taste
that good!
Boss! Pull me up!
I got--I got a--
I got a--Ow! Ow!
A flash Gordon
thermo-Atomic ray gun, boss.
A ray gun!
Heh heh heh heh heh!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Who does his evil deeds
in the shadowed dark of night?
Ha ha ha ha ha!
The phantom does!
These are some of
the poorest people
I know.
They're broker than...
the 10 commandments.
Heh heh.
A little joke.
Very little.
Hey! Anybody here
order a pizza?
Charlie! Charlie!
Pizza! Pizza!
Pizza! Pizza!
Hold it!
Hold it!
Hey! Hold it!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Hold it!
Hold it!
I want you--
I want you--
I want you kids to meet
Avery, very special guest.
Pleased to meet you.
Ha ha ha ha!
Hello, Charlie.
Hello, flo.
It was nice of you
to come by.
We don't see
much of you anymore.
You know how it is.
Got a business to run.
I know how it is.
Oh, Charlie. Gosh,
how these little guys love you.
Ho! Ho! Hey!
Easy! Easy!
Uncle Charlie,
can I have more?
Whatever you want.
Here. Eat the box.
Whatever you want.
Here. Eat the box.
That's mine!
Just a minute,
pizza pup!
Don't you want
to share? Hey!
All right. It's only
a pizza, fellas.
Come on!
Do you mind sharing?
Now, come on.
Don't fight!
I'll tell you something
about sharing.
# What's mine is yours #
# What's yours is mine #
# The more you share #
# The more the sun'll shine #
# Everybody #
# What's mine is yours #
# What's your-- # Hey!
Will you put that pizza--
Stop it!
This is not right.
You shouldn't be fighting.
Listen to uncle Charlie!
# Whether you're the boss
# Or someone's pet #
# The more you give #
# The more you're gonna get #
# You've got a little
or a lot #
# You've got to share
'cause you know what... #
I'm proud of you!
# Each other's
all that we have got #
# The sun'll shine #
# If #
# You #
# Share all the time #
# What's mine
is yours #
# You've got
a little or a lot #
# What's yours
is mine #
# You've got to share
'cause you know what #
# The more you share #
# Each other's al
l that we have got #
# The more the sun'll shine #
# If #
# You #
# Share all the time #
# Whether you're the boss
# Or someone's pet #
# The more you give #
# The more you're gonna get #
# More than you had #
# The more you're gonna get #
# All your life #
# The more you're gonna get #
# All your life #
# The more you're gonna get #
Hee hee!
Hee hee hee!
Ha ha ha!
where did you get this?
Well, i...
ahem! Ahem!
I, uh...
i, uh...
you stole it!
I was going to
give it back.
You stole it.
Hey, squeaker!
Come on!
Come back, kid.
oh, blast!
Oh, blast!
# All I have is a picture
in my mind how it would be #
# If we were together #
# Let's pretend
that you're far away #
# Let's say you write to me #
# And you promise
in your letter #
# That you'll come home #
# Come home to my heart #
# When you come home #
# We'll never be apart #
# If I keep dreaming of you #
# Start believing it's true #
# Soon you'll come home #
# Soon you'll come home
to my heart #
# Soon you'll come home
to my heart #
# Soon you'll come home #
# Home to my heart #
# Soon you'll come home #
# Home to my heart #
# If I believe #
You can never come back.
You can never come--
You can never go back!
Charlie, wake up!
Charlie, wake up.
Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!
Uhh! Uhh!
Did you have
a bad dream?
Was it a monster?
Did it bite?
Oh, boy. It was...
it was only a dream.
Where is that kid?
She went to
402 Maple street
To see
the wallet family.
You like waffles?
Oh, yes.
Very much, thank you.
No, thank you.
This is the most beautiful
house I've ever seen.
Thank you,
Where do you live?
I live with Charlie.
He's my dog.
Oh. But what about
your parents?
I don't have
any parents.
Then where
do you stay?
With Charlie
in the junkyard.
you sit right there.
Honey, come with me.
We can't let her
leave here
With nowhere to go.
I know, honey.
Hey! Hey! Pssst!
Come here.
Oh, Charlie,
Harold and Kate are
really wonderful.
They weren't upset
about the wallet.
They gave me real waffles
with butter and syrup.
Really? That's great.
Look, uh,
I'm glad to see...
you found a home
for yourself.
Oh, do you think so?
Sure, sure.
In fact, uh, i, uh,
i just came over
To...say good-bye.
Yeah. I guess
you won't be
Needing me anymore.
Maybe you could stay, too.
No, I couldn't stay.
I mean, I don't want
to spoil it for you.
They don't want
a dirty old dog like me
In a nice, clean house
like--Like this.
But, Charlie...
don't worry about me.
I--I'll make out...
by the way,
You were the best friend
I...I ever had.
Enjoy your waffles.
Charlie, wait!
Charlie, wait!
All right. A little
more to the left.
I don't want to
hit the girl.
Hold it, hold it.
good-bye, Charlie.
Good-Bye, Charlie.
Oh, no! Charlie!
Got him!
Charlie! Charlie!
Oh, you beautiful
little ticker.
Come on. We got to get
out of here!
He's getting away!
I'm surrounded
by morons!
How--How do you
s-S-Stop this thing?
How--How do you
S-S-Stop this thing?
You ok, squeaker?
Oh, Charlie,
i thought they shot you.
So did i.
Mr. Carface doesn't know
who he's dealing with.
I got a power of my own,
And I'm gonna take care
of him right now.
And there ain't nothin' or
nobody that's gonna stop me!
Walk...walk softly.
Walk softly!
My watch!
Where's my watch?
Where are we?
I don't know.
We got to find
that watch.
Maybe it's
in the water.
What?! No!
Listen, listen!
Oh, no!
No! It stopped!
Good-Bye, Anne-Marie.
where you going?
There it is.
What's going on here?
Gads, we're haunted.
What did they say?
Tell them to give me
back my watch.
I can't, Charlie.
They talk funny.
I don't care!
Got it!
Oh, no!
Charlie, what's that
moving in the water?
I don't know.
We're going to die.
Please! My watch!
Please! My watch!
Ahh! You look like
A tasty New Orleans
canine gumbo!
No! Don't eat him,
How can you expect me
To eat a voice
as sumptuous as this?
# When I hear
a dulcet tone like that #
# It gives me
a big thrill #
# I can't eat a singer #
# I never could #
# I never will #
Ha ha ha!
Oh, what do you call
that voice, little fella?
That a baritone
or a tenor?
It's, uh...
i don't care.
It's just you and me.
# Let's make music
together #
# Let's make
sweet harmony #
# Oh, let's make music
together, baby #
# You take the do,
I'll take the re #
# You'd better
hang on to me #
Ha ha ha!
# We are
birds of a feather #
# Looking for the right key #
# Oh, let's make music
together, baby #
# 'Cause only music
makes a man free #
# Gonna make
a beautiful song #
# Sing along #
# Gonna let
that natural beat #
# Move your feet #
# When the music's
deep down in you #
# There's nothing
that you can do #
# But believe #
# Oh, believe #
# There ain't nothin'
like singing #
# And our voices
just blend #
# Oh, let's make music
together, baby #
# Lift our voices
together, partner #
# Let's make music
forever, baby #
# And we'll always
be friends #
We'll be friends.
# Let's make music
together #
Y #
# let's make sweet Harmon
# Oh, let's make music
together, baby #
Y #
# let's make sweet Harmon
# Oh, let's make--
This is for you, mama #
You ok, squeaker?
# Let's make
sweet harmony #
# Let's make music...
i don't feel good.
Oh, squeaker.
# Oh, let's make music
together, baby #
Y #
# let's make sweet Harmon
Ho! Ho! Ho!
# Let's make music
together, baby #
# Let's make
sweet harmony #
# Ohh... #
# A hom de da de da hom #
# Hom de da de da
cha cha cha cha #
# Cha cha ti ta #
hahh! Hahh!
Rocky! Relieve jocko
on guard duty.
I need some help in here.
Um, jocko?
Aah! Oh!
Where's the girl?
Ah, i...
i don't know.
Ah, i...
i don't know.
I think you do.
What do you think,
If you want
my opinion--
Shut up!
don't do this.
Uh, Charlie.
To Charlie...
with love.
This is
a very bad idea.
Yo! Charlie!
She's burning up
with fever, Charlie.
She could have pneumonia.
Think she needs
a vet?
she's a little girl.
She needs a doctor.
Doctor. Doctor. I don't
know any doctors.
But I'll find one.
Charlie, you here?
Hey! Be quiet!
Squeaker's sick
and needs her sleep.
Oh, you're breaking
my heart.
Maybe I should go upstairs
and kiss her good night.
Itch, what
happened to you?
What happened to me?
You want to know
what happened to me?
I'll tell you
what happened to me.
Carface happened to me,
with about 50 of his thugs.
Oh. That dirty rat.
I'm sorry, itch.
I really am sorry.
Well, look
what else happened
While you were
See that?
That's our place.
You were going to
fix Carface.
Well, he fixed us!
Ya see, boss?
It's gone too far.
You wanted revenge
on Carface,
And I said, "no. Please,
let's get out of town,"
But I stayed because...
because you're my friend.
Then you wanted to
kidnap the girl,
And I said,
"this is crazy!"
But I helped you.
And--And then we got
to dress the girl
And read her stories.
And she wants we should
feed the poor.
And the whole while
I'm thinkin',
"This is stupid!
She's gonna get us
But I stay because
I'm your friend.
But tonight...
he tried to kill me!
He tried to kill me,
And you was out
gallivanting with this...
with this girl!
I say we should
lose the girl,
Get out of town,
Charlie, you and me,
Then call it even.
Now the casino's gone.
We got to start
all over.
We need the girl
more than ever.
No, boss!
You're crazy.
It's not business anymore,
it's personal.
Ah, come on, itchy.
Sure, it's just
business. I mean--
You're in love
with the girl.
You've gone soft.
You care about her.
Look, I don't care
about the girl!
I tell her things
now and then.
I pretend to be
her best friend,
But it's baloney!
I thought I was
your best friend.
You are my best friend!
With her it's just business!
It's always been business.
I'm using the girl!
And when we're done
with her,
We'll dump her
in an orphanage!
Is that ok with you?!
Sure, boss.
Anything you say.
You're not my friend.
You're a bad dog!
Where are you going?
Take this
to 402 Maple street.
She has friends there.
They'll know what to do.
And hurry!
What's at
402 Maple street?
Would ya just tell me
where it is? Please.
Charlie's in trouble,
And there's a little girl
real sick.
402 Maple's over
by the firehouse.
What was that
all about?
Charlie's in trouble.
A little girl may die.
Well, tarnation!
Come on, squeaker.
Wake up!
I'm going to
get you out of here.
You are sick,
aren't you?
Just hold on, kiddo.
I'm going to take you
back to the wallet family.
Ha ha ha!
Hi, Charlie.
Isn't this just
the sweetest thing?
It is, boss.
It reminds me
Of when lassie
Shut up.
Take him, boys!
What is it, dear?
Where did they all
come from?
do something.
Ha ha ha!
So you see, Charlie,
This story has
a happy ending.
I keep the girl
and make a fortune,
And you...
you get to go
to heaven.
You don't want to go
to heaven, Charlie?
Abandon ship!
Let's get out of here!
# Ohh #
# Together #
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ah! Ah!
Come on!
Whoa ho ha!
You can make it!
You can make it,
Oh, squeaker.
I'm sorry.
I'm so very sorry.
You can come home now.
You said I--
Charlie, you gave
your life for her.
Come home.
What about Anne-Marie?
Say good-bye, Charlie.
Yeah, it's me.
How you feeling,
Ok. How are you?
I've come to say
Where are you going?
Just on
a little trip.
Listen, squeaker, I want you
to do something for me.
I want you
to take care of itchy,
Ya know,
just while I'm gone.
You've got a home now,
And he doesn't
have anybody.
Don't worry, Charlie,
I will.
little buddy.
Oh, Charlie,
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you, too,
Now you go to sleep,
Charlie, will i
ever see you again?
Sure you will, kid.
You know, good-byes
aren't forever.
Then good-bye,
I love you.
I love you, too.
Charlie, come home.
Hold it!
I know we're dead up here,
but so's the music!
Heat it up a little.
you know it!
That's nice.
That's nice.
# Hallelujah #
I'll get that gator
If it's the last thing
i do!
Touch that clock,
And you can never
come back.
Shut up!
I said!
Touch that clock,
And you can never
come back!
He'll be back.
# Everybody #
# Come on #
# Come on and join
the singing #
# Hallelujah #
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
# Now we're singing #
# Hey, baby #
# Sing it, baby #
# Hallelujah #
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
# Now they're cooking #
# They're really cooking
# Cooking, partner #
# Hallelujah #
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
# Let's make this music
last forever #
# Hallelujah #
Ha ha ha!
Honey, I'm so glad
you've come to stay!
# Now I know
you're safe here in my heart #
# You will always be
with me #
# We'll never be apart #
# Never knew how strong
my love could be #
# You're the one
I've waited for #
# Now you're home
# I believe #
# Love survives
beyond our lives #
# I feel those ties
growing stronger #
# Growing stronger #
# Love survives
the tears we've cried #
# Yes, love #
# Survives it all #
# Love survives it all #
# Mmm mmmm #
# Even when we want
to run and hide #
# Love comes in #
# To pull us through
# From deep inside #
# Oh, the magic #
# The magic #
# Has made us who we are #
# Who we are
# Don't you see
we've come so far? #
# Take my hand #
# You made me
understand #
# Love survives
beyond our lives #
# I feel those ties
growing stronger #
# Growing stronger #
# Love survives
the tears we've cried #
# Yes, love #
# Survives it all #
# Love survives it all #
# Love survives
beyond our lives #
# Oh, I feel those ties
growing stronger #
# Growing stronger #
# Love survives
the tears we've cried #
# Yes, love #
# Survives it all #
# Love survives it all #
# Love survives it all #

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