Banjo the Woodpile Cat
Banjo the Woodpile Cat is a troublesome kitten from the 1979 animated film of the same name.


The movie starts in Utah, with a cat named Banjo chasing chickens. His sisters tell his father who scolds him for it. Banjo jumps off the roof of the chicken coop. He gets in trouble and runs away, riding on a seed truck to Salt Lake City.

It starts to rain and he misses his family. Banjo meets a cat named Crazy Legs. They try to get back to Banjo's home and end up at a Night Club Crazy Legs recognizes. They meet three female signing cats who sing to cheer him up. The five of them look for the feed truck so Banjo can go home. Crazy Legs and Banjo get chased by dogs and manage to escape to the seining cat's home.

The next day Banjo gets on the feed truck and is returned to his family.


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