Here are the Funnies for Bartok the Magnificent.

The Bloopers

  • As Zozi roars at the audience he looses his false Monster teeth, then covers his mouth and everyone laughs.
  • As Bartok tries to get Pilof off the boulder, he strains his back, and leaves the set to get it tended to.
  • Oble gets mad and his hammer gets stuck on a chain, then stuff falls n him, leaving Zozi to help clean the mess.
  • Prince Ivan gets fed up with Listening to Ludmilla, as he was gonna say "If I am the Future Czar", he falls into the hole that his boots made on the thrown and says "I see why you sit on the Thrown"!
  • Baba Yaga was telling Bartok, if Zozi helps him anyway they'll both die, and Rasputin is seen coming down the stairs and was reading Anastatia, and states "I see Bartok is getting into the Russian Magic", leaving a Confused Baba Yaga wondering how did he get in the picture.

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