Drake e Marina

Don't make me Laugh is a song from The Pebble and the Penguin . It is sung by Drake, who is trying to get Marina to love him.


Don't make me laugh

Don't make me laugh

My funny friend don't make me bend in half

Don't be a card babe don't mess with Drake

Don't make me laugh so hard that you begin to ache

Don't make me laugh

Don't pull my leg

May I suggest you would do best to beg

If you say no miss

If you refuse, this is your notice that I refuse to lose

Say yes my love and go with a winner

Believe me, that would be wiser

Say no, poor dove and you're a shark's dinner and Hubie's the appetizer, get the picture?

Don't make me laugh

Or slap my knee

I'm no hyena, so Marina, What'll it be?

Right this way to the Drake estate, Or write your epitaph

You choose your fate

Don't make me wait And baby don't make me laugh!


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