Don Bluth
[[Don bluth 8170|250px]]


September 13, 1937 (age 78)

Known For

Various animated films from the 1980s to the early 2000s


Currently looking for funding to begin production on the film adaption of the video game series, Dragon's Lair.

Don Bluth and Mrs. Brisby

Donald Virgil "Don" Bluth is an American animator, writer, producer, and director. Born on September 13, 1937, he began working for Disney in the 1950s starting with the Lady and the Tramp. In the 80s, he left Disney and started making his own animated films; i.e. An American Tail, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and The Land Before Time. His most recent work to date was an arcade game called Tapper World Tour and Titan A.E. is currently the last film Bluth directed. He and Gary Goldman are currently searching for funding to begin production on the film adaption of Dragon's Lair, which is, as of August 2012, in development hell.


Born into a family of seven children in El Paso, Texas, he grew up in Payson, Utah. After seeing Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Bluth knew he wanted to be an animator and after high school in 1954 he attended Bringham Young University and one year later got a job at Walt Disney Animation Studios assisting John Lounsbury on Sleeping Beauty but left the studio in 1957 to help his brother Fred with directing stage plays. He later returned to Disney in 1971 and worked as an animator on Robin Hood, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Rescuers, and The Fox and the Hound. He also directed the short film The Small. He has and offical website called where users can view film clips, play games, and more. However, currently there's only and image of what's suppose to look like a poster of Dragon's Lair, based on the video game series created by Bluth himself.



Don's restoration on his films has sparked criticism since the prints are not entirely cleaned up, this could be due to MGM lacking a cel to digital remastering device. Or it could be Don's way of differentiating his films from Disney, either way fans do not like the remastered prints.

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