Silver is a Falcon from Angry Birds & Phillie Phanatic and Friends She is Voiced by Berkeley Silverman.

Background information
Feature films A Phillie Phanatic Movie (cameo as a bird tweeting at Phillie Phanatic) Time Travelin' Phanatic
Television programs Phillie Phanatic and Friends
Video games A Phillie Phanatic Movie:The Game
Park attractions Phillie Phanatic's Train Adventure 3D
Portrayed by Berkeley Silverman
Portrayed by Kate McKinnon (Tweeting)
Animators Ellen DeGenerous
Voice Berkeley Silverman
Performance model Miley Cyrus
Designer Sony Pictures Television
Honors and awards Sony Awards
Character information
Full name Silver
Other names Grey Bird Silver Bird
Personality Loopy
Appearance Grey Falcon Toucan Beak White Tummy Black Tail
Birthday July 15 2014
Occupation Screech's Wife
Alignment Good
Alignment Looping
Affiliation Screech
Affiliations MLB Mascots
Goal To Rescue Screech
Home Bird Island
Relatives Screech
Pets Spyro (dragon)
Allies Spyro (pet dragon) Screech (husband)
Minions Spyro
Enemies Bad Piggies Sabertooth
Likes Screech Spyro
Dislikes Sabertooth Bad Piggies
Powers and abilities Looping
Weapons Loops
Fate Fell in Love with Screech
Quote I'm Looping In