"Soon You'll Come Home" is a song from All Dogs Go To Heaven. It is sung by a disappointed Anne-Marie  after finding out that Charlie had stolen a wallet from the couple whom she'd like to be adopted by, but it is unknown which, to her, is the second person.


All I have is a picture in my mind,
How it would be
If we were together.
Let's pretend that you're far away.
Let's say you write to me,
And you promise in your letter
That you'll come home,
Come home to my heart.
When you come home,
We'll never be apart.
If I keep
Dreaming of you
Start believing it's true,
Soon you'll come home,
Soon you'll come home,
Soon you'll come home
To my heart.

Soon you'll come home,
Home to my heart.
Soon you'll come home,
Home to my heart
If I believe.


  • Lana Beeson sang 'Soon You'll Come Home' because Judith Barsi cried in an attempt to sing.

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