File:The Land Before Time VII The Stone of Cold Fire Very Important Creature

Very Important Creature is a song that appears in The Land Before Time VII and is sung by Pterano, Rinkus & Sierra.


Pterano: I've never needed anyone I'll go my way alone I'll use my own intelligence To find that magical stone

Sierra: Oh no, you ain't cuttin' us out, ya crazy...

Rinkus: Please, we should not be fighting. We all want the same thing, yes? To gain the power of the stone, which we still must find, yes?

Sierra: Yes, sorry. Guess I got a li'le bit outta line. After all, you are the leader.

Pterano: Yes, I'm a very important creature Tremendesly brave and strong I find that I'm frequently right when others are often wrong Instead of arguing blindly They should open their eyes and see That the one who will bring them paradise Is the very important me

Sierra: He sure is hard on himself, ain't he?

Pterano: I'm a fabulous, fearsome flyer I handle life with finess When others say "No, it can't be so" My answer is always "yes" I was born to be their saviour That is my destiny Why do they despise, not recognize The truly, fantastic me?

Some of us are born to lead While the rest of you must follow

Sierra: I'd like to knock him off his perch

Rinkus: This is getting hard to swallow

Pterano: Look at these wings Look at this beak

Rinkus: I guess you can say you're quite unique

Sierra: When I finish with him, he won't even squeak.

Pterano: What did you say?

Rinkus: He said lead the way.

Sierra: That's it, I've had it with that blowhard.

Rinkus: I know, I know, but be patient. Let him lead us to the stone.

Sierra: Oh, yeah, yeah, I get ya. Then, it'll be time to make a few changes in the peckin' order.

Pterano: We've a very important mission

Rinkus: Truly impressive quest

Pterano: They think we mean to do them harm

Sierra: when we only want what's best

Rinkus: And when we finally find the stone

Pterano: Then at last, they'll see

Sierra: How lucky they are to know

Rinkus: As they watch us from down below

Pterano: What reference they will show The very important

Rinkus: Very important

Sierra: Very important

Pterano: Me

Rinkus and Sierra: The very important we

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